“Comedy with Class”

Tony’s diverse talents & wide experience are apparent from the second he appears on stage. An International Comedy performer and club headliner for over 25 yrs. read more

What They Say

“His skills, talent & reputation rank with the best in this country. Tony is the most versatile and funniest new vaudeville comedy performer that Canada has produced.”  HOWIE MANDEL.

“Truly refreshing, a hip comedian the evening was a perfect.” “His never ending patter delighted everyone.”
Edmonton Sun, Festival Theatre

“Better than a variety show, funnier than a comedy hour.”  Walt Disney News

“He’s first rate, very funny, I highly recommend this performance, not at all slow” Globe & Mail

“Jack of all trades master of fun, pulling colour, action & laughs from his traditional bag of fools stuff” “His infectious grin had the house spellbound.” Atlantic City Press

“Gonzo, exquisitely funny far surpassing expectations.” “The exception to the comedy rule.” The Kitchener Record, Trish Wilson

“Tony Molesworth is widely considered one of the best in the world at what he does. A hilarious new vaudevillian, a must see.”
Premier Dance Theatre, Toronto First Night

“Thanks for the laughs, to his everlasting credit Molesworth managed to work his lunch break into his show eating a green pepper as he juggled. Now that’s comedy.”  Toronto Star, Craig Macinnis

“Downright pleasurable. Solid-value vaudeville.” The Toronto Star, Robert Crew

“He was excellent, he had the house spellbound. He has developed his trademark routines to A high art.” Toronto Sun. Ray Conlogue

“Music, Ventriloquism, puppetry, pantomime and a lot of funny lines.” Bermuda Sun, J.Hopkinson,

“A man of a thousand talents.” Globe & Mail, B Reedman

“He whips up unforgettable fun indeed, he’s juggler, comedian, ventriloquist, mime, magician, puppeteer & musician rolled up in one.” Atlantic City Sun

“Art and science come together, with the play of the clown, He’s first rate and the show is very funny.” Globe & Mail.

“Charming the child in all of us.” Edmonton Journal, L Morningstar.

“The Global Village Idiot the one-man show isn’t hard to take at all, it’s downright pleasurable. He blows a mean clarinet. A nifty comic juggler and all-round old fashioned, solid-value vaudeville entertainer.” Toronto Star, Robert Crew

“It would be unfair to judge Tony in terms of one particular discipline because he dishes out his talents in assorted combinations for a unique show.” Toronto Sun, Jonathan Gross


“It looks easy but you could fool yourself into making a fool of yourself, Tony Molesworth’s skill is tangible. His show culls the comedy from sleight of mouth to hand. He supplies a balance and the cement to an evening of fun.” Edmonton Journal, Brian Richardson

“Great way to end our series.” Sault St. Marie concert series.

“Best show of our series this year.” Haliburtons over the rainbow series.

“Fantastic, charming, 90 minutes of sheer hilarity.” FM times, C. Andrews

“A great accomplishment, outstanding performance.” “Excellent feedback, with artists such as yourself in the line up the Markham Theatre can enter a new season with pride and confidence. “We look forward to a continued partnership with you.”
Markham Theatre, David Scott

“A resounding success, great response. The Audience were captivated by your humour & wit.”
Tweed Performing Arts, Jamie Van Haaften

“Tony Molesworth is a quick, bright and intellectual, sit-down comic who’s pithy observations and opinions are astute.”
Halton Arts Review, Danny Gaisin

“Your comedy show was highly and thoroughly entertaining.” The Griffith Centre, S . Guthier

“He displayed an eclectic array of circus and clown skills which kept the audiences laughing and gasping through an hour long show. His humour made the show much more than a series of stunts. His time-honored “Comedia del’ arte” techniques puts him solidly in a line of entertainers. Modern equivalents like buster Keton and Steve Martin. “Low tech. High skill.” Tweed News, Carol Snell

“The global village idiot, a bottomless bag of comedy tricks, never content to limit his exploration of comedy to any specific horizon, and his shows are a howl. Clean clever surreal mix of Vaudevillian verve. A long n’ lanky pony-tailed prankster. His versatility has afforded him the luxury of working every venue a comedian could hope for, from circus tents to corporate.” Now Magazine, Daryl Jung


Thanks so much for performing at blue sky’s festival your show was great the laughter sounded throughout the site. You’re a hot talent”. Blue skies festival, Ken Artistic Director

“Agile stand-up routine, legerdemain & licks of jazz clarinet on the side, Henny Youngman would have been envious.”
Vancouver Sun, Michael Scott


“A multi-talented threat, equally at home on stage and screen, his technical virtuosity in the performance arts fields makes him truly a unique performer.” Yuk Yuks, Mark Breslin

“Stand-up performance is alive and well, unpretentious and very funny.” Globe & Mail

“You will never seen so much talent exploding out of such small space.” “His high density humour has earned him principal spots on many national T.V shows.” Yuk Yuks Talent Dept, Anne May Sirois

“He kept his audience laughing and gasping throughout the show.” Community Press

“A one-man one-liner extravaganza in the tradition of the late night talk show monologues. Tony is very comfortable with the crowd, his delivery is deadpan and his writing is snappy and topical.” The Hamilton View, Jeff Santa Barbara

“Feature act Tony Molesworth’s rascally variety of sound effects, play acting, props and visual diversions went over well between dive bombing babies, beeping telephones and stoned cats, he was a charmer and the people more than warmed to him. A demon on the microphone Molesworth covered much ground with his sonic sketches, dinky noises for a talk about his small car, a hilarious impression of a baby-sitter trying to quiet an infant that wails every time it is put to bed. Balloon tricks, clarinet comedy and Juggling concluded a tunt that wasn’t short on funny lines.”
The Winnipeg Free Press


“Your versatility in the performing arts is incredible.” C.N.E C.Wong, Canadian National Exhibition

“I want to tell you how pleased we were that you were able to join us and participate at the Ontario Pavilion at EXPO your performances were both professional and highly entertaining. You were a true ambassador of Ontario.”
WORLD EXPO: Ontario Pavilion: J.M Callen

“Despite the thundershowers we got a tremendous turnout. No one in the entire audience made any move to leave the show in favor of shelter. Mr. Molesworth is a true pro. Even incorporating a passing dirigible into his act, the audience loved it and him. His fast paced diversity was irresistible to everyone.” Rodman Hall Festival, Chris Conrad

“Your international flair made the event so special for our audiences.” Walt Disney World, S. Hendrick

Incredible entertainment , non stop fun, highly praised, look forward to collaborating with you in the future.”
Toronto Special Events, Monika Matel

“Thrills especially for those in the front row.” Toronto Sun, Mckenzie Porter


“Tony goes beyond mere comedy into Perforamce Art, Theatre and New Vaudeville” I am proud to call Tony a colleague and friend.” Producer Joan Rivers Late-night Show, M. Bresilin

“On behalf of the entire cast and crew I’d like to thank you for you contribution to the “IT’S ALIVE” show we were delighted with the final product.” Y.T.V. Gillian Levy: Production coordinator


For the last 6 weeks on the SS SEABREEZE Tony has performed with the utmost professionalism, with an unlimited amount of material to call upon in his full feature shows. I cannot recommend Tony as a feature entertainer highly enough. He has certainly been very well received by our audiences, which are made up of a vast array of different backgrounds. If you are considering contracting tony, I urge you to do so, you will not disappointed.” Premier cruise Lines. Bernie Giblin, Cruise Director SS. Seabreeze


“The highlight of the evening it was superb. Funny clean, He had us laughing and rolling under our tables.” Canada post, J.P Gauthier

“Impressed our guests loved the program. Incredible talent, spell bound, the evening was a huge success, so full of action they couldn’t take time to clap properly.” The Briars Resort, Barbara Sibbald

“It was great the wit came fast and furious. Very smart stuff.”  Flexer – Flexible Web Design: Daveed Flexer

“Tony is a true entertainer. He has been a major influence on numerous performing artists of all descriptions. His skill set is in the tradition of true vaudevillians. I highly recommend him for his originality, creativity, excellence in performance no matter the audience or venue”. Top Quality, Great Results, Good Value, Creative”. Merlin Magic

“Infectiously funny show-stealer Tony Molesworth is hard to categorize because he does it all and looks perfectly natural. His patter is fluid and deceptively spontaneous sounding the mark of his excellence is the audience looses track of how difficult his physical act is because of his verbal rambling one liners are so entertaining and unique.” Orrillia Times, Leacock Festival of Humour

“Your performance was outstanding. The show completely SOLD OUT and everyone had a rip-roaring good time. Thanks for a truly hilarious performance.” Thorold Library, Patricia Bronson: Chief Librarian


“A riotous 50 minutes of entertainment from Tony Molesworth and his Global Village Idiot Productions. With his engaging smile and easy going comfortable stage presence had the audience laughing out loud over and over again.. If you would like to spend some time being totally entertained and laughing till it hurts, see this show. Juggling, ventriloquism, crazy songs, stand up comedy and one-liners. He has a strong ability to ad lib and watch the audience reaction as he adjusts his comedy for greatest effect. His Banjo picking is quite entertaining. It’s the first time I’ve heard Beethoven’s Fifth on the Banjo. He delivered hilarious non-stop humor.” Patti Cannon

“Global Village Idiot Productions Tony Molesworth and his banjo looking like a racquet looking for a tennis ball. Pickin’ N’ Shtick. The pickin’ part is his skill with the Banjo. And a pretty bit of banjo-playing it is, part of his patter of song and story that makes up part of the 50 minutes that we spend with him. In between Banjo-ing and singing, Molesworth tells strings of jokes and asides in a gentle and self-deprecatory delivery that goes well with the pleasure of his company. His is a well-tempered and practiced performance and he loves to entertain you. Did I tell you how marvellous a juggler he is? You’ll find out. Your system will very much benefit from the time you spend, a refreshing comedy-lite, low key and fat free, like the man himself. If to his infectious smile, welcoming eyes, and big grin I’d give the show a full complement of stars, so well worth visiting, this show.” Tom MacKan, Hamiton Press

Tony Molesworth is one funny guy; one of those goofy-joke cracking lovable characters that actually manages to string together a 50 minute act of one-liners punctuated with banjo tunes, with some juggling tricks thrown in to bookend the whole shebang! Molesworth has an impressive list of top comics that have shared the stage with him including Russell Peters, Howie Mandel and Jim Carrey, and he’s been all over TV sharing his unique brand of funnies. If you’re looking for a light-hearted, lift-you-up laugh-fest, Pickin N’ Shtick is for you!” HAMILTON WEB REVIEWS

“Tony Molesworth Vaudevillian,. There is no denying his performance skills. He knows how to capture the attention of the audience and get them involved. His pleasant personality makes show feels like a party with old friends together in a very enjoyable event, making us believe he is talking to us personally, rather than entertaining them from the stage”. Ottawa Fringe Festival Review


“An Outstanding job hosting and performing on the All Star Gala.” Tannens Silver Jubilee

“Better than what I see on TV”, “Really original”, “Never heard anything like it”, “A breath of fresh air”, “When can we hear him again?” Self Realization Fellowship Toronto.